Friday, January 6, 2012

Christmas Was So Two Weeks Ago

It's interesting to me just how short the American post-Christmas attention span is.  We have this huge build up starting before Halloween (our local CVS had nutcrackers and zombie masks out at the same time), and by December 27th Christmas is just a dim memory made foggier by leftover cookies and family feast remains.

Christmas was so two weeks ago, but I am still enjoying gifts including a little something that Claire lovingly modified for my amusement.

We'll just say that no board book or mini bit of kitsch artwork is safe from her and her pens.  These particular books had moved from her closet to a donation pile over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Each page has an added hidden Nerd symbol.  The rocket was really hard to find.

Yep, every letter of the alphabet is now a monster.  At first I thought the "Q" was smoking a cigar - that is until the girls pointed out the fingernail.  Very much my kid in so many ways...
Claire received multiple sketch pads and pens for Christmas.
Thus ends Christmas 2011.  As long as the Mayans were wrong, we look forward to another season of lights and nerdy fun at the end of 2012.

Really, I mean it.  Christmas is over.  We take down the decorations this weekend.  Some people have a hard time letting go, but the the next post will be something entirely different - promise!


  1. Thank you for your posts on Christmas, and all the other ones.
    Christians have for years kept way too quiet on Christmas and the Christmas season and left the unsaved and money interests take over and rule. (at least in the USA) Most do not know that without Christ there would be no Christmas. Then going back eons to when the established church moved (if and I am sure they did) move the correct season to coincide with the winter solstice. Christmas starts the first day of advent and ends on January 6 whether or not the money people like it and I for one celebrate it then and cringe at the commercial interests. I have since a child and will do until I die. People who know me wonder why I leave my decorations and such up so long. It is because they do not know the real Christmas season.
    I also will be undecorating this week end or next and look towards Christmas and 2012. If the Mayans are correct; why are they extinct?

  2. I am always amused by how quickly Christmas trees go from being chosen with care among hundreds of identical others, adorned, and cherished; to getting kicked out on the sidewalk. This time of year they lurk behind lampposts, sidle up next to bike stands, and try to blend in with the roadside shrubbery as they are tossed out to await the compost truck. It is really a shame to treat those trees so shabbily; I like the idea I read about once of renting a living tree in a pot that is merely taken back once the celebrations are over, but that has never caught on here.


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