Saturday, April 14, 2012

A Craiglist Bargain Typewriter

Quick!  Someone grab this $100 bargain machine before it goes on ebay!  It has a unique wide carriage, glass top keys and the oxidation is thrown in at no extra charge.  Writing the next Great American Novel?  This can be your muse!

I just returned from an extremely busy conference week in Chicago.  I have many new photos on the camera that need to be imported and was contemplating my next entry.  Finding this gem just made my life easier.  The Amazing $100 Typewriter


  1. Seller Mentality: "Hey, it's old so it must be valuable, right?"

    This pic reminds me of the Titanic wreck images that we've been seeing on the anniversary of the sinking.

  2. Why did I get the feeling that it went like this:

    Google: Old typewriter.

    Google results: 21,003,003
    My Typewriter.

    Bazza: "Hey Mazza! There's a typewriter on here just like that one, and they want like $1000"!
    Mazza: "Whaaaaaaaa! Lemme see!"

    (both stare at page for a few seconds).

    Mazza: "Coor Bazza, your one must be worth a pretty penny"
    Bazza: "Yeah, but it's not that nice. Those ones look like new!"
    Mazza: "Yeah, but it's like ol' cars. cool ones get bought heaps, even if they are only a rusted out bomb"
    Bazza: "And these Latte sipping snobs obviously have more money than sense - eh!"

    Awkward moment between the two, as they try to figure out what it's worth.

    Bazza: "Aw stuff it, I just want it out of the way. Gonna put $50"
    Mazza: "Don't be stupid! Go $200.
    Bazza: "Okay... I'm going $100, I just want it to move quickly so I can buy a nice big bottle of whisky".
    Mazza: "Okay, Let's do it. And while you're on the innerned, could you see how much that old copy of 'Sergeant Pepper's is worth? I reckon we might be able to buy a new car at this rate"!

    Google: sargent peppers lonly harts club band


  3. I hope you didn't mind me using traditional Australian nicknames there.

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  5. The same seller of that machine may be the same kind of person who would buy some ocean front property in AZ.

  6. Perhaps it comes as an ensemble with the basketball hoop, the jars, and the pressurized container with the gauge on it that looks to be covered in lime scale. -- Rob

  7. When I first started supervising payroll, the municipality I worked for still ran a manual payroll with wide, 3-carbon timesheets. Some of the payroll specialists had such terrible printing that I required them to type their timesheet entries on typewriters such as in your picture, though with a wider carriage. They whined, but until their printing was legible, it was the typewriter or back to the clerical pool...some improved dramatically, but most never did.

    My people were usually very abusive to their typewriters (after all, they couldn't hit me), but I doubt they ever got into this shape.

    Now, Of course, the payroll is computerized and automated...and they're lucky to have two correct paychecks in a row. Not a retiree's problem.

  8. The only amazing thing about this typewriter is the price.

  9. All: Thanks for the comments! It is indeed a sad and sorry machine. Neglect on top of abuse has not been good to it. I like the concept of combining the parts just to see what the result could look like. We do that with little bits of broken cell phones and other debris we find when we go out for walks. However, yard art of this magnitude would require some serious commitment.

    All of our hits on the listing have probably gotten this seller excited enough to try for an ebay auction. Last chance...

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  11. Even better:


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