Wednesday, May 9, 2012

A Preview of Coming Attractions

So cryptic this photo is.  Mmmm...  Something to do with Richard Polt's flames it might have.  You seek Godzilla.  Yes.  Godzilla - a powerful copy editor is he!

Mwa, ha, ha.

What could this mad Blogger be thinking?


  1. Haha can't wait! There was a lot of discussion around a hot rod typewriter magazine idea a year ago. They still come up on Google.

  2. Godzilla say 'the truth shall set you free.' Can't wait to see what's up next.

  3. Help you I can, hmh! Frankensteinic usb typewriter it might be!

  4. Well, there's a few of us doing up a few Typers at the moment. I think we need at least a page.

    Kustom Typers may be the next big thing.

  5. Whatever it is, please don't pose a scantily clad girl on its hood, er, carriage!

  6. Thanks all for the comments! I've been out of town this week and have relied on scheduled posts and a sketchy AT&T iPhone connection for moderating comments. In my absence, the project has been idling along. Two hints on the electronics:

    1. It is not a USB typewriter conversion.
    2. I like salvaging bits out of castaway toys.

    It may be a few weeks for the conversion to reach completion. There isn't much room under the hood, so I am proceeding with caution. Also, there will be no mudflap girls on this machine. If I could find a small Mack bulldog with glowing eyes it would have an interesting new home.


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