Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Remington Typewriters Practically Assemble Themselves

This great video shows some of the manufacturing steps in building a 1935 Remington 16. The self-assembly steps occur at around the four minute mark.  Enjoy and happy International Typewriter Appreciation Month!


  1. I love this video. It's both informative (because it shows the many parts that make a typewriter work) and entertaining (those stop-motion animation techniques have always amazed me, if anything for the effort involved in creating them frame by frame).

    Besides, I really like that kind of typewriters... my Remington 12 is one of my favorite monsters.

  2. Nice video. Before OSHA no need for safety glasses -- even when watching a cutting tool.

  3. What happy music for ITAM! This was really fun as well as 'teacherly' - how did you find this video?

  4. Miguel: This is one of the more enjoyable factory videos I've found. It makes me appreciate how many labor hours went into making these fine machines.

    Bill: Yes, that was a different era.

    Ledeaux: It is a perky, mid-winter kind of video - so optimistic! I've been saving this one since last year as I was having trouble getting Youtube videos to embed properly. They've added a handy "Share" shortcut straight to Blogger that has made it so much easier. I stumbled upon this one while looking for information on the Remington Noiseless 8.


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