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Monday, September 24, 2012

Writing Materials Circa 1912 in Montgomery Wards Catalog

The Kansas City warehouse was the gateway to the West.  For typewriters from this catalog and additional back story, visit

Just think how much ink one one of the glass pens would hold.

I like the fact that some of these brands are still around today.  "Blue Black" is still common nomenclature as well.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Montgomery Wards 1912 Typewriters

Front Cover Detail:  100 years ago, Kansas City was still considered to be part of the West.

Front Cover

Front Cover Detail

Back Cover:  This building is still standing and can be seen from Google Street View

Back Cover Detail:  This tells an interesting story of the expansion of the Montgomery Ward distribution system.
 Now we get to the typewriters.  I am not an expert on these early machines.  As this catalog is somewhat scarce, I wanted to at least get information out on the Typosphere.  The catalog itself is a local Flea Market find and is remarkably good condition for a 100 year old piece of literature.
One page is dedicated to typewriters and supplies.  Other writing supplies fill several additional pages.

Montgomery Ward offered ribbons in several standard colors.  Apparently, re-inking was not an uncommon practice 100 years ago.
 This catalog is huge with a vast array of products.  I will do future posts on writing and photographic supplies.