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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Corona Typewriter Bargain Alert! 50% Off!

Someone had better snag this gem off ebay in a hurry! It won't last long at 50% off. As in it is now $75 plus shipping. But it works!

Sure, it may need a little elbow grease.

Or a sandblaster.

Someone in the Typosphere needs to save this machine! The keys will be irresistible to the key choppers with wedding season right around the corner.

Or not.
Last chance, peoples! Look for it on ebay as item number 190820286562. This diamond in the rough can be yours for a mere Benjamin. Did I mention that it works? Here is all the proof you need:
One tough hombre.

Okay, I have to confess that I'm having a little blog writer's block. I have a draft post with photos I like and the narrative just isn't coming together. <sigh>  At least I can count on never having a sarcasm block.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Another Hostage Crisis

UPDATE:  Less than 8 hours to go on the auction.  At the moment, it appears this machine may be spared from execution.  The current high bidder ($58.77) is a total vintage stuff nerd judging by their history.  Will the choppers want the keys enough to take it higher?  Tick, tick, tick...

The hostage of the day is a lovely black Corona Four.  The seller will hold off on cutting the keys until auction end on November 30th - the whole machine being made available with additional shipping.

Sounds fair enough:  Buy this typewriter or I will dismantle it.

Here is the machine in question:
I don't usually borrow photos unattributed.  This comes from the seller's linked photo album.
Looks pretty nice.  I like the semi-period setting.
The ebay auction ID is 370562343603

This auction reminded me of the National Lampoon cover or the SNL skit featuring Larry the Lobster.
This is one of those situations that leaves me seriously conflicted.  I try to keep the addiction in check by working off a short want list..  Even that is constrained by the desire for the machines I adopt to have non-standard type faces.  In theory, the responsibility involved in rescuing a typewriter is minimal compared to springing a dog or cat from the animal shelter. We've done that and spent years with some really high maintenance animals as well as some awesome ones.  Still, typewriters take space and deserve to be put in rotation for actual typing duties.

I've put the auction on my watch list.  I don't know exactly what I will do until the actual execution date approaches.