Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gojira vs. the Mayan Destructors!

Godzilla is back and he's mad!  But can he save us from the Mayan Destructors?

Agent Svetlana Optima is still on the job and has gotten close enough to watch the terror unfold.

No two bit Mayan robot monster thing is going to stomp San Francisco!  That's Godzilla's job!
The Vintage Technology Obsessions team was pretty optimistic when the photos started coming in over the satellite uplink.  Godzilla has some new and unexpected tricks!  Sure, he vacillates between being for or being against human civilization, but today he is with us and that is all that matters.

Ha!  Take that, Destructors!  Godzilla now has Atomic Balls of Doom at his command!
The photos gave us a lot of hope.  Godzilla has faced much worse.  Mecha Godzilla almost did him in.  The King of Monsters will not be denied!

And then a message was delivered from the office to our underground lair:

That's it.  Three more days and it's over.  We don't even know what happened to that brave giant robot who did battle with these same Destructors yesterday.  Godzilla didn't even slow them down.

The EMP from the last atomic blast took down Svetlana's sat comm.  At least the Stasi built up their agents' resistance to radiation.  She is a survivor.  We should be so lucky.

Seventy-two hours and counting...


  1. I guess I don't need to worry about returning my library books after all... Dibs on the last box of Thin Mints!

  2. Ha ha ha. Someone is having way too much fun!

    1. I'd be lying if I said I wasn't having fun... blogging... eating Thin Mints... saying goodbye to all the robots and typewriters...

      Svetlana is having the time of her life! She has been dreaming of the End Times since the Stasi recruited her in 8th grade. The girl just loves chaos!

  3. Lovin' these daily reports! It's a tough job, but clearly The NerdHaus is up to the job.

    1. The daily reports are fun. We're just taking things as they come. For once there is no script or story board. The Mayans set this in motion thousands of years ago.

      How will it end?

      We're doing one final bash with a drive to St. Louis to see Wicked. My minions will see to it that the blog goes on without me.


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