Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Oliver 2 Project Machine

After a long absence, I am trying to get this blog moving along while burning vacation time on various projects around the house and spending time with my family. Perfection has been the enemy of content as of late. Imperfect photos from my phone might streamline things a bit.

Here is a find from a recent journey to a First Friday weekend warehouse antique mall. I was shocked to spot an early Oliver in the wild. I was even more surprised when it was priced reasonably enough to carry it two blocks to the car and bring it home  :-)

This machine is really grubby, but probably cleaner than I would be after sitting around for over a hundred years. It appears to be complete. There is a serial number somewhere under all that dirt and grime. Either way, Ted Munk's database shows an 1897-1901 production run for this model.

Time is a precious commodity and one I have been short of in a flurry of work, business travel, Senior year college visits, and various band, orchestra, theater, and cross country events. I'll keep it covered in a safe place until one of those PowerBall tickets comes up a winner  ;-)

What do Remingtons and Harleys have in common?

 Try finding a modern 1/4" x 24 pitch screw if you would like to know 🔩

This weird beast is from a foot on the Remington Noiseless. I bought a parts machine to get various bits I wanted.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

On the bench...

A Remington Noiseless, on its way to functionality. Vacation time is a good thing.