Monday, February 4, 2013

ITAM 2013 - A Teaser

Greetings Typosphere bloggers and honored guests!  It is time for me to make amends for not playing with the machines as much as I should.  International Typewriter Appreciation Month is upon us and it is time for a teaser.  It is riddled with typos and an extra 'm' in amends, but such is life.  Real, analog life, that is. Computer keyboards and iPad similes have ruined me.
 I'm enjoying as many ITAM blog entries as I can.  Great work, everyone!  Thanks for reading.


  1. I can't begin to guess what it is, but why do I suspect that the font on this machine looks huge?

    Impressive font. I can see why you can't hide typos on it. Judging by the style of this lettering, I'm guessing it's something from the 1950s. That's all I got.

  2. Oh, it's proportional!

    Wild guess: Hammond?

  3. IBM Selectric? I feel like the "particularly precise" hint is very relevant, but I can't figure out which species this would be referring to... so the Selectric is my best guess!

  4. Thanks for your guesses so far. maschinengschrieben is correct that it is proportional. Adwoa is close, but a few years newer than this machine. Great work!

  5. How about an IBM Executive? Those were big, camen in two-tone combinations, had proportional spacing, and were a pain when it comes to correct typos.

    1. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have the winner(s)! Unfortunately, this recognition is the extent of your fabulous prize ;-)

      Note that the entries from Ted, rn and Richard P. all came in for moderation independent of Miguel's. Ton did well by guessing the Eletromatic, but I'm not sure if it was available with proportional spacing.

  6. An Executive, then. Very buttoned down.

  7. Sweet typing. I'm guessing some variety of IBM Executive.

  8. Let me guess: International Electromatic

  9. Oh wait, the Electromatic's black. How about Royal Academy Electric?

  10. As noted above, the commenters are winners, all. Thanks for reading and commenting. I'll post photos after the beast is cleaned up. I found an ebay seller with an N.O.S. Ames platen and power roll, so this machine will be back to its full glory in the near future. Well, it will be quieter, anyway.

    According to the NOMDA guide on, the typeface is IBM Arcadia, Code 079. It is clean and '60s modern, but I would have preferred something like Testimonial. These are hard to find, so I took what I could get. Same for the machine color.

  11. Fantastic! I have an IBM Model D (pretty much the same model, sans the proportional spacing). My mechanic tells me the power roll is the Achiles heel of these big machines; good thing you managed to find a new one!

    A recommendation from my mechanic: once you change the power roll, use the machine with the copy selector (the dial to the left) set only around numbers 2 - 4, to prevent the typebar assemblies to wear the power roll prematurely.

    My, now I got the urge to type "some" pages on my Model D...


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