Sunday, June 23, 2013

Typewriter Day Pronouncement: A Recent Convert!

Oops. That would be "altar". That's what I get for typing late at night.
Happy Typewriter Day to all of you! May you attract many new converts to the cause and may the typewriter of your dreams show up at a thrift store for five dollars. Miracles do happen!

Before I sign off, I have to share two images from our day at the Art of the Car Concours in Kansas City. It was, after all, our distraction from the awesome that is Typewriter Day.

Image the First: My other daughter has taken to photography like a duck to water. She has excellent situational awareness and likes being on the other end of the lens about as much as I do.

Image the Second: Because she was enjoying the cars and taking loving photos, some owners struck up conversations. One couple invited her to sit in their drivable show car (the best kind in my opinion).

Yes, the cars were a distraction, but I hope they made you happy, anyway. As always, thanks for visiting my little corner of the Internet.


  1. Ha! A SM3. She never stood a chance at resistance. Another convert to the cause. Your cheque is in the mail, Dwayne.
    Nice E-Type Jag, too.
    And Happy T-Day!

  2. An SM3 with a special typeface and an orange ribbon? Hard not to fall in love with one!

    I must say, I understand the great feeling of introducing somebody to manual typewriters. It's a vital part of the typosphere.

  3. It's great to spread the Good News of the Gospel of Sholes & Glidden. :D

    A day with classic well-loved cars is as good as a day with typewriters anyway - they are machines with a purpose and beauty. You are excused the distraction, and Happy Typewriter Day!

  4. A sweet car and a sweet typewriter. Great to hear about the spreading typovirus!

  5. I am normally not a fan of converting folks, but the Typosphere is an entirely different matter. Yay! (As for cars, we were at frozen custard stand this weekend and parked right next to us was a navy blue, 67 Mustang convertible. Ooooooh, says me!)


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