Friday, December 5, 2014

Hey kids! Let's turn an Oliver #7 into a lamp!

I really, really like the reproduction Edison light bulbs. I really, really hate it when people do stupid, stupid things with them. Like impaling an Oliver #7 to make an ungainly and unattractive lamp. I saw this beast, and others, tonight at a warehouse vintage shop.

This is just wrong on so many levels. At least the other slaughtered typewriters were relatively common.

In the 'life's little ironies' department, these were illuminated with the light on my iPhone as a breaker had tripped and the second floor of the warehouse was nearly dark. I was almost afraid the Zombie Typewriters would rise from the dead.

But wait, there's more! Typewriters aren't the only logical place to put light bulbs. Obviously, old movie projectors need light. And brass microscopes. Yeah, I only obsess about those a bit. Looks so much better with a light bulb.

Let the unbridled rage of the Typosphere commence!


  1. You know, I try to keep an open mind and appreciate creativity where I can. I just don't seen any redeeming value in this. It seems more like vandalism laced with humbug.

  2. Those lamps don't even look particularly useful as lighting fixtures. Nor are they attractive. I call a "double fail" and a "wasted sacrifice."

  3. I've seen a few typewriters turned not lamps now, and they just look stupider every time I see it. Not to be puritanical about my love for typewriters, but thy just look aesthetically awful.

  4. Mods of machinery don't bug me as a rule but these are just fugly in every which way. I suspect the "designer" was thinking "Hey, old typewriter, old bulbs...that's gotta look cool, right?" Not.


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