Saturday, January 14, 2012

Typing Heavy Metal

Typed on a Torpedo 18 (Because I am too lazy to take another one out of a case.)
Linkage to the official music video on YouTube:
White Zombie - Black Sunshine with Iggy Pop


  1. Didn't realize Iggy Pop had such a mellifluous voice ... thanks for sharing and the stationery is great.

  2. Really like the stationery! It's fun to type in the middle of those great graphics.

    I'm not particularly a fan of heavy metal, but the visuals in this video fit the music so well that it was very captivating to watch. Thanks for sharing this link!

  3. It's not my style of music, but the video is great. Especially since there's a typewriter in it. :)
    Thanks for sharing this. Oh, and your stationery is great! I got some new myself, but haven't yet written anything on it.

  4. Nice video. I do not know if I like his Royal or his Mustang better. Both are really great classics. .... and, I like the music. (grew up on Zepplin and Steppenwolf as well as Metallica and a few others)

  5. Welcome to Iggy's typosphere! Welcome Iggy to the typosphere!


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