Sunday, June 10, 2012

Transit of Venus Nerd Family Viewing

Claire had a birthday around the time of the transit of Venus between us and the sun.  I rushed home from work and gathered a bunch of optics and parts.  The old Canon FD lenses couldn't be focused quite right.  Ditto for the old slide projector lenses.  The 12x50 binoculars bungee corded to an old tripod did the trick!
 Thanks to the people that threw up a webpage dedicated to viewing the transit.  The tips came in handy.  Sure, it was a shadow on a projected image but we felt like we had done something wonderful.  Claire had been at a K.U. engineering camp earlier in the day and was happy to be doing some practical science.

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  1. I was at work, and some of the doctors brought out their scopes and made a bit of a morning of it. The kids at work loved it. That said, thought the day I kept watching NASA SDO site, checking on the updates. So geeky! But so amazingly beautiful.

  2. This was a lot of fun and it meant a lot for Claire to have this happen on her birthday. She didn't beg for the viewing, but I knew she would be disappointed if we hadn't made the effort.


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