Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Typed with Keylime.  I am no calligrapher, but I also had to try out the nifty brush pen found in a clearance bin at a craft store.  the paper is yet another thrift store find.  The ribbon detail is embossed metallic.
 We were very pleased to see a big turnout on a very hot and sweaty July 3rd evening.  I overheard one of the security volunteers mentioning the count was over 1,000 with twenty minutes yet until showtime.  Last year, the Heart of America Shakespeare Festival brought in over 20,000 guests.
Hannah and Claire chillin' in the 90 degree heat in the reserved blanket zone.
 As noted in the typecast, I won a fabulous door prize.  Everyone got to fill out a slip of paper on the way in and my name was pulled out of the basket!  So lucky: I should have bought a lottery ticket on the way home.  I'm not a wine fan, but MEK is and the etched and hand-painted bottle is amazing!

The actor who plays Bottom also helps teach the Festival's youth performance classes.  The girls have worked with Matt and found his portrayal to be quite satisfying.

The background for the wine bottle photo might look familiar if you happen to have read the Shakespeare birthday post.  Here is a bonus image of Puck for good measure.


  1. That sounds great, apart from the heat, which I can't take after half a life up here.
    I love live theatre!

  2. This is so neat! "Reserved blankets" indeed! I haven't seen a live Shakespeare play in a while and miss it. Never fails that afterwards, yea forsooth, that I speaketh differently for a couple of hours! ;-)

  3. Cool! I've seen Midsummer Night's Dream one or two years ago and read Hamlet last week - both in german, I have to admit though.

  4. The performance was almost as good as seeing "Hamlet" in the original Klingon ;-) Seriously, a great summary of a fantastic performance! I especially love the detailed photos of the wine bottle.


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