Sunday, April 28, 2013

Corona Typewriter Bargain Alert! 50% Off!

Someone had better snag this gem off ebay in a hurry! It won't last long at 50% off. As in it is now $75 plus shipping. But it works!

Sure, it may need a little elbow grease.

Or a sandblaster.

Someone in the Typosphere needs to save this machine! The keys will be irresistible to the key choppers with wedding season right around the corner.

Or not.
Last chance, peoples! Look for it on ebay as item number 190820286562. This diamond in the rough can be yours for a mere Benjamin. Did I mention that it works? Here is all the proof you need:
One tough hombre.

Okay, I have to confess that I'm having a little blog writer's block. I have a draft post with photos I like and the narrative just isn't coming together. <sigh>  At least I can count on never having a sarcasm block.


  1. Long live sarcasm! I'm currently writing a watch review and it's heavy going indeed. So, as a way of taking a break from it, I wrote about my favourite films.
    Ahh, movies. Is there nothing they cannot do?
    I bet that Smith-Corona could still belt out an entire novel.

  2. Oh the lengths some antique sellers go to, to make the item look like an authentic barn-find...
    : )

  3. Poor typewriter! I'd buy it, but i get the feeling that it'd get stopped at customs. We have very steep restrictions for agricultural products.

  4. Surface dirt. It's nothing. Still too expensive though.

  5. Funny, why doesn't the seller give it a quick wipe and clean it up a bit. Does he think the grime gives it a marketing push?

    1. Maybe he thinks that's what collectors want; the "patina"

    2. Teeritz: You are correct. With just a bit of lube, that grubby beast could crank out multiple novels!

      Robert: I am impressed with their weathering techniques. They did way better than those people that paint and then sand the edges of mid-century furniture.

      Scott: Oh, you made me laugh with that one! Sprinkle a little water on and maybe mushrooms would pop up.

      notagain: Yeah, it is not irretrievable. But a near mint one costs about the same.

      Ton: Agreed. They aren't even trying. They could put it on top of the car and run it through a wash. That could help.

      Miguel: One man's debris is another mans patina.

    3. Miguel, that's not patina, that's a dead moss forest!


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