Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Analog Awesome in the Mail! (And randomish things)

Today I received the most amazing bit of analog awesome in the mail with an exhortation to seek the solace of the type bar and platen. And so I did, with a recently acquired Smith Corona Silent Super. The loop script looks fabulous with NOS silk ribbon I found at an estate sale last month. First, the card:
Nerdgasm! Photography and typewriters in one bit of awesome.
Thanks to the mysterious Typospherian from the Phoenix area who inspired me to do a first run with the new ribbon. This photo is going on the pin board in my office at work.

Yep, I finally got one! It showed up BIN on ebay and had been sitting there for two days. Maybe I will get lucky on the last Holy Grail Fractur machine. Or I will win the lottery.

This blog has been sadly neglected as I post my photography on Google+. The hit counts are based on some assumptions that only Google's data geeks understand. I assume that anytime an image is clicked on that counts and perhaps being refreshed inside a community does as well. Either way, last night when a number appeared on my profile page I was just shy of 2,000,000 views. It is only a digital ghost town to those who do not post and interact.

Interestingly enough, a Polaroid connection is one of the things that has kept me busy was attending and participating on a panel at the BuildWell 2014 conference located at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge. The keynote speaker was John Warner of the Warner Babcock Institute for Green Chemistry. His career as a rock star chemist started with improving process and chemistry for Polaroid.

Normally, sustainable building policy is hatched in never-ending meetings in dark and poorly ventilated conference hotel spaces. This conference was an exception to the rule.

Everything is still brown and dead in Kansas. I hate/envy Californians.
It was a whirlwind trip featuring a loud and nasty turboprop to Denver and an unexpected Japanese toy exhibit inside the San Francisco airport. I had trouble leaving and took plenty of photos with my new traveling companion, the Fujifilm X100. Here are a few samples. There are more images on my G+ collection. San Francisco 2014

Hello, spinning blade of death! United did a bait and switch and changed planes from a regional jet to 1940s turboprop technology. The view was cool, though.
Kitty exercises mind control. All shall walk like her. Obey the Kitty.

Fly the friendly skies! These carnival ride parts might be better than a United regional plane. They might be better with luggage. My bag took more abuse in one round trip than in 30+ before.

Pay no attention to the robot army. Robots are your friends. Mostly.

Me, after United delays and crap planes arriving eleven hours after leaving home in Kansas City. I will avoid United like the plague if at all possible. Live trips will be replaced with webinars and Hangouts given the sorry state of air transport in general.

Well, this entry took a couple of unanticipated twists. It was good to bring the blog back to life. I am lurking on the Typosphere. Busy is a regular state of being with two teens and work. Teen one will start the college search next year. Life just blurs along and I shoot street and candid because it makes me happy.

Thanks for reading!

Obligatory Copyright statement: The words and images here are mine and mine alone. Please share the Google love by resharing, +1s, comments and linkage. Image borrowing without attribution is stealing. Beyond digital copyright issues, I has friends among the giant robots and Kaiju. You have been warned.


  1. Ah but webinars won't provide such interesting photo opportunities!

    1. So true. But travel is hard on the body and family. I was originally attracted to street photography for the times between. It is better than hanging out in chain restaurants and a great way to get to know a place outside the tourist zones.

  2. Neat photo. Good to see a surviving Polaroid.
    I passed on a few machines with that script typeface a few years ago. Wish I would have hauled them home because since then I find they are in somewhat of demand.

    Oh yes, the elusive Fraktur typeface typewriter. I want one of these more than a Mill. Only ever saw one on Ebay and a few in collections.

    1. I am still trying to figure out if this is a Polaroid or a recent remake. It is so cool.

      This Smith Corona script is unique, but there is an even stranger one with extra loops floating around out there. I will be content with Natalie Tan's samples for now. I'm not sure if the Fraktur itch will ever get scratched. I would probably sell the ergonomic Rheinmettal to afford one.

  3. I gotta get a Fujifilm X100. Great photos!

    1. The X100 was $1,300 USD when it first came out. With the release of the X100S, mine cost $700 with the special edition leather case, proprietary hood and Heliopan filter. These images have been massaged. Straight output can be seen on G+. The jpeg output is amazing and has a film look to it. I am not a RAW shooter - too little time for that. I am now a Fuji boy and am selling my Canon DSLR gear. Check out a pro's take and realize he has moved on to the X100S: http://zackarias.com/for-photographers/gear-gadgets/fuji-x100-review/

  4. Awesome post! I am very happy for you finally getting the swirly script!


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