Tuesday, March 27, 2012

More Interesting than Necessary Commute

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  1. My Beloved Spousal Unit labels unexpectedly eventful drives as "Driver Ed Days" - when all sorts of things get thrown at you and you have to respond appropriately.

    Relatedly, we have a driving habit here we've come to call The Milwaukee Fade. A driver in front of you starts to gradually slow down for no discernible reason. Then they start to fade ever so slightly to the right. Then, without much warning (i.e. usually no use of signal light), they make a right turn. This all happens over about 8 blocks of travel time. Age of driver doesn't matter. It's so consistent that we take turns seeing who can call them out first. (Grown up version of the games kids play during road trips!)

  2. I'm glad I don't have to care about anything travelling to school by train. :)

  3. Ledeaux: Our version of the Milwaukee Fade is the "Private Driveway" syndrome. Someone will pull right in front of another car from a side street without even looking. They will putz along at the legal speed limit in metric (40 kph roughly = 25 mph) for two blocks and then turn off without signaling. The latter inaction, not signalling, is common in these parts. Many drivers in our area consider turn signals to be a sign of weakness and will close up available lane space rather than letting the offender in.

    mashinengschrieben: The middle U.S. is huge and the General Motors Diesel Division bought up all the light rail and destroyed it decades ago. Mass transit is almost non-existent in the Kansas City area. I always enjoy Chicago and New York for their transit systems.


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