Monday, March 12, 2012

My Girls Scouts and a Very Special Birthday

Today marks the 100th anniversary for the Girl Scouts of America.  As there are three Girl Scouts in the Lair of the Nerd, and many more in our lives, this matters a lot in our family.  It is a great organization trying to find its way in the 21st century.

I've enjoyed seeing the Spousal Unit's birthday post and the new beginnings for Nerd Topics by none other than Gingercat.

Both posts offer a much more personal perspective than I could provide.  So I will share a few images from our Girl Scout's lives.

The local service unit turned out in force for the Old Settler's Parade last fall in Olathe to observe the 100th anniversary.  That's over 500 Girl Scouts!

And there's Claire (aka gingercat) right at the front of the parade.

Girl Scouts isn't all about the cookies, but they are delicious and help keep the troops and camps funded.
I've enjoyed watching my scouts grow up.  We've sold cookies together and I've helped prepare for more than one campout.  I've even survived eight years of annual father/daughter dances.

Just for the record, I didn't just take photos.  I even won a princess ring for best 80s dancing!

Anyway, Happy Birthday, and keep on scouting!


  1. Great parade photos! I know they were not easy to take. Thanks for being so supportive of all 3 of your Girl Scouts!

  2. Ok, now I am officially impressed - a princess ring for 80s dancing! Nerd Dads rule! Greets to your Maker Household. ;-)


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