Thursday, September 8, 2011

Most Awesome-ish Combining Robot Knock Off

Among the promised subjects of this blog are Japanese giant robots.  For my inaugural post, I'm opting for "interesting" and "strange".  Some would say this combiner, lovingly crafted by Taiwan's mysterious B/O company in 1985, is ugly beyond words.

But I say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder.  In the case of the Super Combination 17 in 1 Robot, the beholder's eye can barely take in all of its majesty... and semi-random parts.  There are elements from multiple Sentai combining Voltron robots.  There are miscellaneous pieces copied from many sources.  This thing is huge and the box is even huger and more entertaining than the combined robot. 

For an incredibly detailed review and more information than you would ever want to know about this creation, go to:

Before you run screaming in terror, let me assure you that the next Japanese robot I feature will be full of Shogun Warrior Jumbo awesomeness. 

The Super Combination Robot is presented for your viewing pleasure followed by a very nice Taiwan copy of the Voltron Lionbot.

First we have an original Voltron yellow lion next to the leg of the 17 in 1 etc.  The sword in the mouth is a giveaway that this is a knock off.  It also has shoulder mounted rocket launchers unavailable to US children in licensed toy form.  You could put an eye out with that thing - that is if the lead containing chrome didn't kill you first.

Here is the 17 in 1 in its full majesty.  You might have noticed mine is missing the front of a fighter jet.  Believe me, that is a good thing.

 For all of its strangeness, it does have interesting details like pop up domes that shoot spring loaded missiles.

Sometimes words are simply inadequate.

 So here is an exacting copy of the real thing.

 Such pleasant looking lions.

Well, even the original combiners were perhaps a little strange, but in a good way.


  1. Hi..I picked up one of these at a garage in box...there were 2 AA batts in it...but for the life of me, I have no idea where they go..there are wires in the backpack and I see contacts between the backpack and main unit....Any ideas?.thanks...

    1. HI! Wow, it sounds like you have a weird variant. That would not be unusual with the strange knockoff toys. Mine has no electronics. Wish I could help, but I am stumped!

  2. Batteries go in the front. Take off the gray part on the front and the battery section is beneath. Hope that helps.


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