Saturday, September 24, 2011

Svetlana Optima's Rules for Survival

This is the first experiment in using an actual scanner instead of camera for posting a typecast.  Claire, codename gingercat, had some unfortunate experiences over the last week.  She is as tough and lucky as the average secret agent.  Svetlana has grudging admiration for those qualities.


  1. My mother always told me to keep my typeface clean.

    Did I follow her advice? Details at eleven!

  2. Wow, seems like this east-german agent needs a very good psychologist... I'm glad my Optima Elite doesn't have these syndroms, maybe that's because her previous owner was a priest. :)

  3. Someday we may be able to convince Svetlana that the Cold War has ended. We showed her an actual piece of the Berlin Wall, but she scoffed at what she called our "feeble attempts at reeducation".

    In the meantime, we have discovered that the SM9 has code breaking skills. That's one smart robot type face machine!


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