Friday, November 11, 2011

11/11/11 Typecast - A Binary Evening with DJ Spooky

That was yet another great evening at the Nelson-Atkins.  This year we got to experience the opening of the special exhibit of Monet's Water Lillies, several great artist talks, TED X Kansas City, and now this.  If you live in the area and love art and being surprised, do yourself a favor and get a membership to the Nelson.

Claire with someone who looks just like the Six Fingered Man from "The Princess Bride".

DJ Spooky mixing with his Apple App.  Looks cool for Claire.  I do not need a sound hobby.
It's all about the sound.

Mixing videos.

Hitler did not like this print art and reportedly hated jazz as well.
From a DJ Spooky tribute created for the 100th anniversary of the NAACP.

Yeah, he has a subtle but wicked sense of humor.

Quartet playing to a Spooky mix on screen.  He wrote their music on a recent trip to near the North Pole.
DJ Spooky signed Claire's Nelson bookstore sketchbook.  She looks happy but needs a good nights sleep prior to hanging out with her friend Cyborg tomorrow.

As a side note, the Torpedo 18 arrived yesterday.  It has not been cleaned or lubed most likely in decades, but it is unbelievably smooth.  The key action is light and crisp and agrees with my style.  So far it is less jam prone than the Olympia SM3s.  I enjoy it so much that I will even use it without any kind of special type face.  I will need to adjust capital letter registration at some point.


  1. Ahh yes. Spooky's a pretty eclectic fellow. I recommend "Songs of a Dead Dreamer" and "Viral Sonata", or if you like it a little illbient, "Spooky vs. Scanner - The Quick and The Dead".

  2. What a fascinating presentation! In conjunction with my previous comment about KC being a cultural center, the Nelson-Atkins Museum is truly a jewel in the city's cap. I've been there several times and they ALWAYS have something interesting!

  3. That's very interesting! Glad you got a Torpedo, I like mine. The last days I tried to write a short review about "Hunt For Red October" on it, I mean Torpedo and submarines...


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