Friday, November 4, 2011

Olympia and the Onionskin Experiment

We got some new/old typing paper and Olympia (our resident peppy Olympia SM3) is here to tell you all about it.  Olympia is a household favorite.  I've written about and with her in previous entries.  In case you are wondering, the typeface is Professional Elite and is somewhat obscure.


  1. My Olympia SM3, a cousin of yours with pica type, wants me to tell you on her behalf:

    "Oh my goodness, your "e" tooth needs cleaning!"

    Maybe she's just jealous of your unusual typeface.


  2. Those really are crisp impressions. Hardly any sign of the ribbon weave. Great!

  3. Cameron: Yes, the "e" indeed needs cleaning. I neglected to hit the type slugs with mineral spirits after Olympia's ritual bath. Guess I will have to visit your SM3 posts. Although the type face may be more on the average side, I am thoroughly impressed with Olympia engineering in general. No such thing as a bad one :-)

    Richard: The ribbon is actually a little on the gooey side. I am not yet anal retentive enough to remove extra ink. The onion skin paper is still stunningly white. It's probably toxic, but it looks nice.

  4. I hope my typewriters don't notice this post. I can't get'em both ribbons and paper, I want to aquire new machines, too. :)
    Is this the Olympia with the shift-free exclamation point?


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