Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Other Olympia SM3 - In Italic!

A painfully boring looking machine made better with gentle cleaning.

Glittery paint - I recommend deep cleaning to bring out the best in otherwise dull Olympia grey.

Clean, informal italic.

When seen in macro, the keys have some glittery stuff imbedded in the plastic.  Was it inert or intentional?
Greetings from the Noisy Ghost


  1. Nice close looks at Poltergeist's details.

  2. The typeface is beautiful and so is the machine, in its own way.

    Love the closeup of the "R" key!

  3. Great macro shots, as always! You are far ahead of me in the typeface game, and I can never hope to catch up. *Sigh*. Love the italics!

  4. Can you all tell that I am trying really hard to like the ghostly paint scheme? I love the type face, but might consider painting this beast. Any tips?

    First thoughts: Instead of using sand paper for prep (probably futile and most likely toxic on crinkle finish), use an alcohol or acetone wash to finish stripping any residue and then use a direct to plastic spray paint that should stick to anything...

    Adwoa: I may be accumulating some interesting type faces, but you have the proverbial "white whale" in the form of the Fraktur machine. That type face is likely never going to show up in the U.S. market. As for building my collection, it also helps that I have pretty much given up on finding anything interesting in thrift stores. Ebay is a much larger pool as long as the bidding doesn't get crazy.


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