Saturday, October 22, 2011

Abandoned Analog

In the last week I have witnessed two separate instances of analog technology abandonment.  I suspect the perpetrators were hoping that someone would adopt their unwanted analog.  One pile of video tapes was around the corner from a row of dumpsters.  The box of albums was on a street corner planter.

Maybe putting up a sign that said "Free!" or "Please Take!" might have helped.  As it was, all but the most dedicated scrounger would wonder whether he or she were part of a stupid human video.

There are four dumpsters on the other side of that fence.
Remember VHS tapes?  I saw a Betamax player at a thrift shop recently.  Technology marches on.
How cryptic.
I like Flip Wilson.  However, I did not trust objects left in a random box on a street corner.


  1. I just lost my comment. Dear word verification, please stop being an asshole. Thank you.

    Okay, there's a silver lever at both ends of the carriage, just under the "carriage free knob".

    To set a margin more to the middle of the carriage than the existing margin,
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    To do the opposite,
    I. Move "typing point" to about the middle
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    Everything clear? It sound more complicated than it is, believe me.

  2. Thanks for the instructions! I think I'll need work the levers back and forth a bit to loosen things up. I had used the technique you mentioned and the right margin would not engage properly then the left would click in where the right was supposed to be. This is one part of the machine I did not open and lubricate.

    Sorry about the word verification. I don't think there is any way to turn it off. I suppose it keeps out computer generated spam.

  3. Hope your margins will work again soon. I have also a problem with my 3000, the tabs aren't set enough high and the carriage doesn't stop where it should. But I can live with that.
    If you'd like to, you may turn the word verification off via Dashboard-Settings (or Options?)-Comments-Third-to-last-point.
    And I can say, I have never received any spam up to now, with anyone able to comment.

  4. It is interesting to see the remnants of a different technological order making their way, pile by pile, to oblivion. Thanks for posting these photos.


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