Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Typing Converts

Gingercat (aka:  Claire) had one of her super smart friends over today.  Cyborg 10051438 (self-assigned designation) took to the typewriters quickly.  She served as a guest on gingercat's first typecast entry for her new blog on the Hermes Media 3 (Cursive).  But at heart, Cyborg is a future engineer and gravitated towards the Olympia SM9 (Senatorial/Robot font) and knocked out two and half pages worth of a new short story before going home.

Choice Cyborg comment on the blog entry:  "I am here today to discuss the unfairity of the fact that these typewriters are being used daily.  They should be used hourly!  GRRRRR!"

That last part I will need to scan after gingercat has a chance to do her own post.  GRRRRR looks really interesting in the Hermes' elaborate cursive.

As soon as she got home, Cyborg 10051438 showed her typing to her mom and gushed about typewriters.  Count her as a convert to the typewriter cause!

Gingercat hard at work on her first typecast and pen blog entry.  She's good with a computer keyboard but tends to hunt and peck with the typewriters.  The Oliver 9 is her favorite with more of a speed hunt and peck.  As noted by other typecasters, cursive looks really bad with errors, so the typing tends to be more methodical.

Cyborg 10051438 jamming on the Olympia SM9.  In the background sits the Oliver, a Zeiss Ikon camera of a slightly later vintage and some new/old paper supplies.  My wife is starting her own blog aptly entitled "House Full of Nerds".


  1. House Full of Nerds, I can understand your wife... :)

  2. It's always great to see people responding to the magic invitation of a typewriter for the first time.

  3. Catch 'em young and they'll type for life. Great to find your blog and welcome to the Typosphere!

  4. That Hermes is glossy, and shiny, too! Mine has flat paint. I didn't know they used both.

    As for commenting on my blog, Futuras come in all the Royal typefaces, I just randomly happened to find two with Windsor.

    Send me an email if you're interested in buying the Futura 600, this is the best way I could contact you. :)

  5. Well what do you know. I forgot to give my email. nickbeland at is the way to go.


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