Sunday, October 30, 2011

Blogger Wallpaper

This is the product of one of the funnest photo shoots, ever!  My wife is working on getting a blog of her own up and running.  She is a far better writer than me, so it ought to be good.  I at least could contribute by creating a suitable wallpaper using everyday household objects.

As the blog title implies, I live in a House Full of Nerds.  The phrase has even caught on in our conversations with the typewriters.  So, let's take a look at the obsessive intellectual interests in our house.

My Spousal Unit:  Enjoys biographies, history and books about outbreaks of rare and incurable diseases that have altered our society one weak link at a time.  An English minor, she loves words and everything about them.  One of the reasons we still get the local newspaper is because of the daily New York Times crossword.  If that goes or the comic section gets any shorter, the Kansas City Star is a goner in our house.

Hannahbunnyshark:  My fourteen-year-old inherited a love of words and has been a freakishly good writer since she could first string them together.  A well rounded Nerdling, she also excels at math, science and the violin.  She is a fiction lover and is trying to get that ever important first post out on

gingercat:  The eleven-year-old takes more after me with multiple, roving interests.  She loves books of any description, robots, art, typecasting, science and engineering.  The floss container robots and nanobugs in the wallpaper are hers.  She also loves cartooning and has posted her first typecast at  gingercat also has a mild obsession with Japanese puzzle erasers.  I was just reminded that she also plays the flute and the guitar.  So busy....

The three females in our house are Girl Scouts.  Shout out to the Girl Scouts!  Um, if you don't mind emphasizing science and technology again, that would make us all very happy.

Me:  If you read this blog, you have a pretty good idea of some of the things I enjoy.  Part of why I do this is for the pure love of learning about the evolution of technology.  The emergence of a modern Maker movement is exciting and gives me a lot of hope for the future of American technology and entrepreneurship.  Not surprisingly, I read a lot of science fiction along with old technical manuals, catalogs and ephemera.

The Nerd Collective:  We all like Star Wars, Star Trek (TOS and Voyager in particular) and anything printed on paper.  Like many Nerd Collectives, our house teeters on the edge of creating fatal paper slides.  The stuff we love tends to accumulate.  We enjoy being members of the Nelson-Atkins museum and see as much Shakespeare as is practically possible in our area.  We won't go into that new movie coming out on Shakespeare; whomever wrote his collective works had a wicked and wonderful way with words.

Oh, I forgot Trolly.  He came from a thrift store and started out as a prank present.  He has since become our travel mascot and appears in many family photos.  He also likes landscape photography.

P.S.  I am attempting a re-post as this did not show up on the Blogrolls.  Grrrr...

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  1. Yaay! Robots! And lightsabers! What a great background.
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