Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Typewriters... and cookies?


  1. What a lovely surprise, receiving cookies in thanks for a typewritten letter! I find that varying the typefaces and stationery makes the novelty linger even longer, but you probably already knew that :)

    (Rubber) Stamps and stickers add something too... and then there is that whole murky realm of mail art which frightens me because I am terrible at drawing... there is a lot of excellent inspiration out there.

  2. How sweet! (Literally and figuratively.)

    A typewritten letter is to an e-mail as homemade food is to fast food.

  3. It's amazing how simple gestures can mean so much, both in the giving and receiving.

    And it's just plain FUN to type a letter and eat cookies! (Maybe even at the same time.)

    Everyone who receives typewritten letters from me have been thrilled with them. Keep writing, and keep the USPS in business!

  4. Typewriting may lead to cookies. That is good to keep in mind. :)
    And thanks for noticing that the Hermes Media 3 is quiet enough for late typing. I was always unsure about this. :)


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