Monday, October 17, 2011

Aviation Graphics - 1942 Style

What a great cover.  It is a bit darker in person and roughly the same color as the Olympia SM3.
I found this copy Jordanoff's Illustration Aviation Dictionary in a local antique mall.  It is fabulous condition for a 70 year old book (copyright 1942).

I am kind of weird about vintage books.  I would not have hesitated to buy this book new through Amazon for $22.  Since I run into so many vintage books at garage sales and thrift stores for next to nothing, it felt strange paying real money for this one.

The owner of our favorite used book store is gearing up for a flood of unloved and unwanted books once everyone receives their Christmas iPads and readers.  He sees the coming year as an inventory building opportunity.

And now for some great graphics...

What typecast blog would be complete without Teletype?
The world used to be dependent on vacuum tubes.

Huh?  Paper mail?

Paper mail, explained.

Imagine, radios were as prominent in homes as LCD TVs are today.  Kind of makes me wonder what 2081 will look like.

Interference, or the wrath of vengeful gods?
As promised, here is a bonus graphic from the Slanguage appendix at the end.  Gingercat (Claire) spotted this one first.
Another word comes to mind.


  1. Excellent post.

    The Aviation dictionary is a fascinating combination of '40s technology with detailed and artistic series of well-drawn cartoons, depicting the various aspects of aviation during WWII. Really enjoyed seeing these pics!

  2. Fascinating! I'm just reading "Der Rote Kampfflieger", the book from and about the legendary WW1 pilot von Richthofen. It is about 20 years too soon for your book, but quite interesting, though.

  3. That sounds like an interesting book. I was semi-obsessed with WW-I and WW-II aviation history as a kid.


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